Our kayak sessions cater to all levels of ability, from those who have never sat on one before to those looking for practice or extra coaching. Just tell us your needs & we’ll offer the perfect session for you.
Beginners & tasters, before we hit the water your instructor will get you familiar with your kayak on dry land first:
How to get in and out of one,
The correct way to hold your paddle
Your best sitting position:
All very basic things but all make your time in a kayak more enjoyable!

Once you get into the water you’ll learn everything you need to know: paddling in a straight line, paddling strokes, steering your kayak, reverse, stop & turn around.

It’s a safe enjoyable session to show you what kayaking is all about.
Isn’t that enough encouragement?

On a kayak, you can see more & you can visit undiscovered parts of sea, lakes & waterways – alone or in a group, it’s always an adventure!!
On the health side– it’s brilliant for building fitness, toning & building upper body strength!

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Call office on 01 8451979 to book in 1:1 private tuition

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